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The Climate Media Centre localises and personalises climate change impacts and solutions for Australians. We connect journalists with powerful stories about people and places affected now, as well asĀ inspiring tales of those taking action to fix things. Find compelling yarns and local angles. Discover new, trusted voices. Access fresh opinions. The Centre can deliver the information and contacts you need, fast. Try us.

Our Team

Annemarie Johnson

Annemarie Johnson

Senior Media Advisor Victoria

Jolee Wakefield

Director Brisbane, QLD

Dylan Quinnell

Senior Media Advisor Melbourne, VIC

Rebecca Gredley

Senior Media Advisor Canberra, ACT

Emma Hannigan

Senior Media Advisor Byron Bay, New South Wales

Kate Davies


Amelia Pepe

Media Advisor Melbourne, VIC

Climate Council

The Climate Media Centre is a project of the Climate Council. The views expressed by the spokespeople it supports are their own, and not necessarily shared by the Climate Council.