Jacqui Dunn

Emergency services nurse Victoria

Jacqui Dunn is a nurse and Associate Nurse Unit Manager at one of Melbourne’s busiest emergency departments. Every day, she sees first hand the effect that climate change has on patient health.

Concern for patient health, as well as understanding of the carbon emissions that health care facilities produce, drove Jacqui to start a group within her department that reduces waste. They are striving to be leaders in recycling and sustainability within the health sector.

Jacqui believes that we cannot have a healthy patient without a healthy environment. That’s why she is a member of her hospital’s eco-champions committee, as well as a group called Healthy Futures, which is advocating health worker superannuation funds to divest from fossil fuels.

Her role in patient advocacy, as well as being mother to a young daughter, keeps her motivated to keep working towards sustainability in health care.

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