John Rumney

CEO, Eye to Eye Marine Encounters Queensland

John Rumney is the CEO of Eye to Eye Marine Encounters, founder and managing director at the Great Barrier Reef Legacy and has been the Great Barrier Reef’s primary ecotourism pioneer, captain and reef expert for more than 35 years. John’s belief that there is an economic advantage to saving the reef is what drives his passion for climate action, as he knows a healthy reef equals a healthy business.

John became aware of how climate change is accelerating the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef after years of experience in commercial fishing and diving. He sees the necessity for marine expeditions that accelerate research into the future survival of coral reefs.

At Eye to Eye Marine Encounters, John facilitates primary reef research through tourism partnerships. His endeavours have supported hundreds of researchers as well as raised the standards under which wildlife tourism and diving operates on the reef.

Areas of interest