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When will the NSW Govt get serious about renewables?

The New South Wales budget throws into question the state government’s commitment to boosting renewable energy in the state, the Australian Wind Alliance says.


Renewables barely rate a mention, with just $1.4m set aside to foster the sector that promises to unleash thousands of jobs in the state[1].


New modelling shows New South Wales would gain more than 11,000 jobs – more than any other state – and significant jobs growth per capita if the country transitions away from fossil fuel-based energy.


“When will the NSW Government get serious about renewables?” the Wind Alliance’s national co-ordinator Andrew Bray asked.


The budget comes just weeks after a Climate Council report ranked New South Wales as the worst performing state on renewables. While the state refuses to commit to a renewable energy target, Victoria just last week announced it would ensure 40% of its power comes from renewables by 2025.


“There are huge opportunities in New South Wales, which is lagging well behind the other states when it comes to renewable energy generation,” Mr Bray said.


“As well as a jobs bonanza, the building of more wind farms will inject much-needed cash into the state’s regional and rural communities,” Mr Bray said.


“With a busted wind farm planning system and no clear plan to build renewables, New South Wales risks being left behind and missing out on the global renewables boom.”


Analysis shows that more than $2 million would be pumped into regional communities each year if the 11 wind farms already approved for New South Wales go ahead, which doesn’t include the payments made directly to those who neighbour wind farms or the farmers who host them[2].



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