Media release

Wind power is Australia’s cheapest energy option

If we want cheaper future energy prices then the Federal Government should back in wind power, the Australian Wind Alliance says.


National coordinator Andrew Bray said wind was the cheapest source of new power.


“Wind power is already beating coal, gas and nuclear on cost of energy. Wind is free and harnessing it is only becoming cheaper,” Mr Bray said.


“Plus more wind farms means more jobs, especially for regional Australia.”


Just last month AGL struck a deal to produce power from its Silverton wind farm in New South Wales for $65 a megawatt hour (MWh) – cheaper than predicted future coal costs.

Mr Bray said the Government was misleading voters about the costs of renewables.


“Australia’s coal-fired power stations are falling apart and in need of urgent replacement but the Prime Minister is more interested in talking up so-called clean coal, even though the costs are astronomical.


“Mr Turnbull admitted himself that new carbon capture storage technologies aren’t an option – $590 million has been wasted on studies over the last decade with nothing to show for it. You could have built three new operating wind farms for that.”